Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Good Afternoon My Why is it so Blasted Hot in May Friends! Laurie here! It's been a bit since my last post so I took some snaps of some of our latest and greatest items! We've got classic, patriotic and whimsical purses I know you'll like. The Michael Kors purse is a great size; large but nowhere near as large as the one your great Grandma carries! You can fit army boots and the kitchen sink in those :). The fringe American Flag purse is very cool as is the Betsy Johnso...n Crossbody purse that sports heart shaped sunglasses :). We have also gotten in more Brighton jewelry but it's going fast so get moving! Spring dresses are plentiful as are spring and summer hats! We received almost 20 brand new, and you'll wish you had one when you're staring at your lobster reflection in the mirror after your first beach day :(. Remember, Sassy Seconds carries all sizes so come check us out if you haven't already, and if you have, well for Pete's Sake come see me!! Cheers! Laurie