Thursday, September 22, 2016

Greetings Groovy Gals and Guys! Laurie here. We had a bit of excitement here earlier in the week when we looked out the window and saw that a tree limb had dropped and shattered the windshield of the Sassy Mobile that is usually parked in the yard in front of the store! It has been whisked away for repair and should be back next week. The other big news is that @Sassy Seconds now has a bona fide Clearance rack located in the back of the store and everything on it is 50% off! Select shoes are also included! It's time to put out more seasonable items, (and they are so good looking!), so in addition to Clearance, our sundresses and shorts are now 40% off and gosh they need a forever home :). Also needing a home is the throwback tunic in the picture! It's actually a new item but has that 70s feel. Hmmm, the 70s... I'm switching my ipod over to Earth, Wind and Fire right now so hurry up and "get down" and Sassy. See you soon! Cheers!