Thursday, October 27, 2016

Greetings my Scary Spooky Halloween Friends! You're running out of time to find a costume, in fact you just thought of it again when you read this post didn't you??? You can stand hours staring at costumes at the Party Stores or you can call me here at Sassy Seconds, 352-530-7988 and I'll hold one of the custumes pictured until you get here to pick it up! You can choose from our Sexy Mrs. Claus outfit (you could put a sign on your back in true Janet Jackson, (etc....) style that says "Mrs. Claus if you're Nasty!"), or you could be a well dressed Witch in the other lovely outfit pictured that comes with a free witch hat (wart not included)! In addition, I've been putting fall clothing and accessories out all week so come see me today or Owner, Robin and her Mom, Connie tomorrow and Saturday. I promise, a visit to this store will be the best time you've ever had shopping! See you soon. Cheers!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Greetings my Fantastic Friday Friends! Laurie here. What a glorious weekend for Craft Fair shopping in Mt. Dora and of course when you get your fill of that, come on up to Sassy Seconds, 930 Donnelly Street, and enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of water while you continue your shopping tradition in sassy style! We have some great new arrivals, including the cool sunflower long cardigan pictured below. Also pictured are Melissa, Marin, Theresa and Colin, four generations righ...t here in Sassy Seconds! Colin had his school picture taken today but managed to ditch the white dress shirt for his t-shirt while still rocking his cool bow tie!! We had big fun and they managed to fill up 3 shopping bags before they left smile emoticon:). Before I forget, we will have two $5 racks stuffed to the gills for sale tomorrow to make room for more fall items. We started the sale early and Theresa was able to get a Lilly Pulitzer dress for $5 smackers, and there are a few more Lilly's on the rack! Woo hoo! Thanks ladies for shopping Sassy! We'll be open tomorrow morning (22nd) at 10:00 and will stay open until 6:00 as usual, so for heaven's sake come see us! Until then - Cheers!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Greetings. Laurie here. Well, there was a bit of excitement here at Sassy Seconds yesterday, but not the good kind :(. Owner Robin, who works Fridays and Saturdays at the store, had her wallet stolen out of her purse, apparently by someone who came into the store to shop. Her credit cards were used at several establishments before she realized her wallet was missing and shut them down. She is understandably shaken by this turn of events and has contacted the MDPD to let ...them know about the theft. Anyway, the store is open and I am here now until 6:00. Robin is planning to come back to the store and will be open this evening for a few hours in tandem with Randy Young's Wigs & Wishes event across the street. This is a wonderful event to raise money for children with cancer and will be from 6:30 - 9:30. Murray and I are going and hope to see you there! As for Robin...come to Sassy this evening and cheer her up for Pete's Sake! She's had a rough week! Cheers!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Good Morning my Sassy Frassy Friends! Laurie here on this glorious Monday with just the slightest hint of cooler weather to come (please?)! I don't know about you but I've already pulled my boots out of hibernation and plan to wear them soon, cool weather or not! I bought them, I'm wearing them!! :) Anyway, I hope that everyone has recovered from the storm. We are so very thankful that Matthew's wrath spared us here in Mt. Dora, but know that other areas did not fare as well and are sending prayers. On another note, our friend Randy, owner of Randy Young Salon, located just across the street from Sassy Seconds, is hosting his annual Wigs & Wishes benefit to support children with cancer this Saturday night, October 15th from 6:30 - 9:30. There will be entertainment (see flyer below), delicious food provided by local vendors, adult beverages, a silent auction and more; all for just a suggested $25 donation! I'll be attending with my husband to honor my Mother who succumbed to cancer October 15th, over 30 years ago, at the age of 53. It promises to be a nice evening so please consider attending. Randy kindly suggested that we might open up Sassy during the event in case folks want to drift over to check out the store. Owner Robin will be here to welcome you and show you around! Thanks Randy for hosting this terrific event and for always supporting Sassy Seconds! I'll be here all week (I sound like a Vegas lounge act!) so come see me and let's shop! Cheers! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Greetings My Calm Before the Storm Friends! Laurie here. Well, I'm seeing blue skies out the window as I sit at my desk here at Sassy Seconds, but I hear rumblings that may change in the next day or two. I did just run to Publix to pick up a presciption and let me tell you, parking spaces were at a premium! I also decided to pick up some hurricane supplies for Murray and myself; Cape Cod potato chips, cherry Pop Tarts and bananas. We already have bread, peanut butter and... jelly which everyone knows are mandatory during inclement weather! So, that takes care of that, now on to more important news. Owner Robin's Mom, Connie, was in Publix this morning looking fab as always, and a nice lady complimented her outfit. When Patricia (the nice lady) found out she'd gotten it at Sassy, she headed right over with her daughter Taylor to check us out! What a delight they both were! Taylor is a sophmore in high school and she not only found the jacket/pants outfit she was in search of, but also found shoes, shirts, more pants, jewelry to go with each outfit, a handbag and a cocktail dress that she totally rocked! Patricia found some great palazzo pants, shirts, a sweater and some jewelry for herself. Sue and I had a ball helping them find what they needed, and most importantly, we all had some great laughs! Thank you ladies! If the weather cooperates we'll be open as always tomorrow through Saturday so come see me. Until then, go get some Pop Tarts before they run out at Publix :). Cheers!