Friday, December 9, 2016

Good Afternoon My Frisky Friends! Laurie here. Admit it, this chilly weather gets you in the mood....for shopping :) :)! You have got to get down to Sassy Seconds! First of all, the City cut down the huge oaktree out front that was unfortunately dying and dropping large branches, leaving just the stump. It certainly opens things up out front and we are enjoying perching our sandwich board on it! Also, we have some amazing new and consigned jewelry, scarves, etc. that will make perfect holiday gifts. Our friend, local artist Bill Chelseth, has a wonderful showcase of his glass jewelry here at Sassy and I have pictured some of it below. The earrings are amazing and he has pendants, barrettes and rings that are just fabulous. Oh, and we have some truly tacky vintage Xmas sweaters that you have to see to believe! Woo hoo! So, we hope to see you soon. We're open today and Saturday for your shopping pleasure! Have a great weekend. Cheers!